Bluebird Fine Finishing has breathed new life into old furniture throughout Whistler since 2003.

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Our speciality is wood restoration. We’ve been a part of renovating original Whistler cabins and log homes as well as custom-built estate homes, evolving as designs and trends change over the years. We work directly with homeowners, understanding their unique requests whether it’s matching a stain to existing wood in the house or bringing a new colour and finish into the home. The finishing work in a home can transform a space. We know just how important it is to get this right.


We have built up a solid clientele in the local commercial sector in hotels, restaurants and retail owners. Our work extends throughout Whistler Village and the Sea to Sky corridor and into Vancouver. We are able to work with our clients with maximum flexibility; we adjust our hours to suit your needs, allowing businesses to stay open. Bluebird’s work in the commercial sector ranges from refinishing restaurant tables and baseboard to touching up wood in hotel lobbies and doors.


We work with many custom cabinet makers to add the finishing touch to their custom kitchens. Many homeowners are also looking to preserve their original wood kitchens, reluctant to throw away good wood. Let us help you with your decision. We specialize in giving old kitchen cabinetry a new on lease life, whether it’s a simple colour facelift or a complete refinish. We can take dated cabinets and transform them into a modern functioning kitchen. Take a look at our past projects to see what we can do. View our work here.



Over the years, our company has gained the knowledge and experience to match finishes for our clients which allows the option of simply refurbishing one piece that has been damaged instead for redoing a whole room. Or maybe you just like the look of a piece you've seen and would want to treat one of your home pieces to this finish. We are more than capable of handling request presented to us. View our work here.



Scratches, water marks and stains can disappear forever at the hands of our experienced wood finishers. Or maybe you just want to introduce a new colour to the room. We have extensive experience with dining room tables, coffees, desks and much more. We also work with antique furniture, turning something old into something new. View our work here.



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